HONG KONG TOYS & GAMES FAIR, January 8 - 11, 2007
[organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council] 
Booth No. 2B20,22,24, 2C19,21,23, Hall 2, New Wing,
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Wanchai, Hong Kong 

Subsequent to the successful performance in the previous Toys and Gifts' show in Oct 2006, heart-stirring & fruitful result has been again achieved in this year's January Toy Fair. The wide array of newly-developed novel items and the attractive setting-up decoration has successfully impressed thousands of visitors coming from the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, U.S.A,, Mexico, South America countries, South Africa, Japan, Middle East and other areas and countries all over the world..

All the visitors were deeply impressed by the various new items for 2007, which were given the greatest prominence in the 54 sqm booth by setting-up theme display stands and showcases such as: The marvelous and realistic new items of 4D Warriors series: the Medieval Warfare playsets consisting of Deluxe 4D Puzzle Castle and functional siege machines including Ballistas and Onagers, the new Great Warrior on Battle Horse Deluxe Series in various actions and arming, and also, new Dragon Clan Series, all of these combined to present a full Knight and Fantasy Range which awakens reminiscences of middle ages of Europe. The showcase of our educational series displayed the new products and large prototypes of the Human Anatomy and 4D-VisionAnimal Anatomy items, also the cutaway prototype of 4D-Vision Titanic Liner, Space Shuttle and 747 plane. The incredible details of inner-visible models drew a lot of attention from the buyers. More new Pirates items have been launched to match the great wave of pirate movies.

In this year, the 4D Puzzle is getting into a new realm; we have developed two innovative product lines: 1) 4D Mo-PUZ, 4D Puzzle added with battery operated movement, the first item being the Black Hawk Helicopter Series. 2) 4D Gear Dino, 4D Puzzle Dino plus wind-up walking function.

Allured by our new items & attractive setting-up decoration, quite a lot of visitors lingered in our booth inquiring about the products' information and presenting their kind comments. Some of them even visited our booth almost every day during the 4-day show.

  January 10 ┬íV 13, 2007 booth
4D Vision Animal Anatomy  

We would tender our great appreciation to ALL GUESTS who visited our booth and generously presented their comments & suggestions, which we treasure and will take action to cope with so as to make further improvements.