THE 16TH HONG KONG INT'L TOYS & GIFTS SHOW, October 21 - 24, 2007
[organized by Kenfair International (Holdings) Ltd.] 
Booth Nos. 5-D17 & D19,
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Our recent participation in the 16th Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show had been closed up with a fruitful & successful achievement. Also taking up a 30 SQM booth in Hall 5, the beautiful & attractive window closet outside our booth showing our ANIMAL ANATOMY and HUMAN ANATOMY seemed to wave every visitor to have a more detailed examination once they passed our booth. Again, the wide array of new product items on display had successfully impressed thousands of visitors coming from the U.K., U.S.A, Australia, Russia, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and many other Asian & European countries...

As our best seller of this year, the Animal Anatomy & Human Anatomy has again been the hottest in our Oct. show. During the past time of this year, we have been dedicating to the broadening of the 4D VISION item, and the new 4D VISION items captured the eyes of everyone. People came from different region with different cultural background showed common interest and zest to the 4D VISION and HUMAN ANATOMY, and enquires for them asking information was endless starting right from the first day until down to the closed hour.

Also the 4D Dino in Motion with Jurassic style packaging showed in our window closet won great appraisals of customers. The new Wind-Up Walking Dino 4D Puzzle combined the 4D PUZZLE and GEAR”X in a single article, with each part detachable and has the function as a wind-up toy after assembly.

Encouraged by the feedback from the market, we also moved ahead with development of GEAR’X product line, extending the range to supply the customer a wider range of choice. Apart from the existing GEAR’X items, we have pushed out this time 1) the Racing Car Sharpener, 2) the Shuttle Pen, 3) Ruler’Q, and also the styles of 4) the Dino Sharpener for customers’ choice has been more than tripled, and a new, a more attractive packaging with modern fashion, i.e. color box with PVC sleeve has replaced the old paper basket in a display box.

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Famemaster   Famemaster
Famemaster   Famemaster

Stimulated by the warm reception of our new items and the request from our customers, Fame Master Enterprise Ltd. would be keep moving forward in the innovation and development of more inspiring and funny educational toys. We should like to tender our great appreciation to ALL GUEST who visited our booth and shared with us the most brilliant time in the fair. In the upcoming January Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, more fascinating and innovated items would be presented to justify your worthwhile trip to our booth. SEE YOU THEN!.